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The THRIVE TREATMENT CENTRE in Blackwood, Victoria can help relieve pain
& heal your body using SCENAR therapy.

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Scenar (Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a hand held theraputic medical device which works through the skin to communicate with all the body's functions, locating problem areas & using electro-stimulation to help relieve pain & restore health.

It is a non-invasive DRUG FREE therapy which is suitable for treating all types of acute & chronic pain, sports injuries, women's health problems, respitory conditions, chronic fatigue, etc.

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Video testimonials from sports people & medical practitioners.

Research papers documenting clinical experience of SCENAR therapy.

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I visited Brenda at Thrive treatment with shoulder and neck problems from years of driving around as a mobile hairdresser. Brenda explained Scenar treatment to me and that it might take some time, possibly several treatments before seeing real results. I've tried acupuncture, massage, and painkillers, all having limited, and usually temporary, effects. To my surprise, each time I've had Scenar treatment, I've walked out feeling so much better and the results have stayed. The treatment itself is relaxing and interesting, non-invasive and good value for money. I enjoy Brenda's calm and pleasant professional approach. I've recommended this treatment to many friends, young and old, including my own mother and my daughter. The treatment room itself is always comfortable and warm in winter and I enjoy looking out at the trees sometimes while Brenda works the therapy - a very positive experience.

~ Margaret McCarthy

After breaking my hip & having it 'pinned' last year, Brenda treated the pain using scenar & helped get me back on my feet quickly.

~ Jinny Coyle

I have suffered from chronic osteoarthritis for many years, even having 14 plus operations on my knees.
My daily routine was having Mobic each morning, Panadol Osteo during the day & stronger medications such as Tramadol, or Panadeine Forte, etc to help sleep at nights.

I was in pain every day & was not able to walk very far on really bad days. When I could walk distances, I would often suffer severe pain for several days. I often had to take days off work due to the severe pain.
The arthritis then started to get into my spine creating further problems.
Stability was also an issue with my left knee, while walking the joint felt like it would slip & I would lose balance often stumbling.
Since Brenda started treating me with SCENAR I no longer need the medications & can walk quite freely for long distances now without suffering pain or limping.
The results have been amazing. I would encourage anyone with chronic pain to try SCENAR therapy.

~ Karl Church